About Us

We are unique.

Our competitors put a ‘Military’ label on their broad-based company. At Military Home Source, each and every one of our agents specialize in the Military market. We have deep knowledge of all the branches of Military, their situation in moving to and living in Hawaii. We walk them through the entire Real Estate process, from educating, mentoring, to helping make the best use of their BAH to live independently and build wealth.

Knowledge is key.

We are dedicated and passionate about our Military. Most of our clients have never purchased Real Estate, which in turns makes them fearful. Scared they might make a huge mistake or be misguided. Purchasing a home is THE largest financial decision of their lives, they need to have their questions answered, to understand what they are getting into, how the purchase will affect their lives, as well as help with an exit strategy. Our agents at Military Home Source helps potential clients through all steps of the process from A to Z. From providing them with market knowledge, evaluate their current situation, find the right property for them, assist with the VA loan process, and every step to getting them to reaching their goal.

We are their neighbors and friends.

Military Home Source agents come from Military backgrounds, we live, work, and play in the communities we market. We are dedicated to doing the right thing for our ‘betheren’. Whether a prospect is ready or not to buy now, we want to set them on the path to building wealth and owning a piece of the land they swore to defend. We will feel good bumping into or socializing with our prospects and buyers, having peace of mind knowing we always did our best for them. We like them. We feel responsible – we will do the right thing.

Knowledge. Experience. Service.

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